Deanburn Primary renewable energy options to be explored

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RENEWABLE energy options for Bo’ness eco-school Deanburn Primary will be investigated in the new session.

The parent council plans to hold a consultation event, at some point after its annual general meeting in September, to get ideas and opinions on what might best benefit the school and community.

Deanburn’s defunct £40,000 wind turbine has effectively been decommissioned after its manufacturer went into receivership and new safety recommendations suggested similar-sized turbines needed a large exclusion zone.

Falkirk Council is seeking compensation and, at a meeting arranged by the parent council with the local authority’s head of educational resources last Thursday, the school community expressed its desire to explore other options.

Chairwoman Gail Nash, delighted at the council’s willingness to work with them, said these could be funded via compensation cash.

She said: “We want to almost create a legacy for the children and get them fired up about it. This is the perfect opportunity to do that and also consult with the wider community to see what it can get out of it.”

Ideas already mooted include the potential to collaborate with a company, if another wind turbine - and not necessarily located in Bo’ness - was favoured.

The project could act as an educational resource, generate cash and possibly even create jobs in the long term, she said.

A council spokesman said: “A very informative and positive meeting was held with the parent council and school staff last Thursday.

“Discussions with the building contractor to discuss some form of compensation which would include the removal of the remaining part of the wind turbine are continuing.

“In the meantime the school and the parent council have been asked to put forward some alternative proposals for energy efficient learning projects which can be considered should agreement be reached on some form of compensation.”