‘Deep Sea’ ban stays in force!

David Paterson who is in dispute with FAFA over fishing in the loch.
David Paterson who is in dispute with FAFA over fishing in the loch.

A story we featured last week told the tale of local angler, Davie ‘Deep Sea’ Paterson, who had been banned from fishing in Linlithgow loch.

Forth Area Federation of Anglers (FAFA), who hold the rights for fishing from Historic Scotland, has banned the local fundraising champion for life, over allegations he was fishing for pike - an indigenous 
species found in the loch.

Our story has garnered a huge following with 1800 viewing the online video, 6054 visiting it on Facebook leaving over 60 comments calling for everything from an appeal to a boycott of angling on the loch.

The Journal and Gazette has been attempting to obtain answers to questions posed to FAFA, including the date of the meeting when the ban was 
issued and why there is no right of appeal, as was stated previously.

We had also requested a copy of the group’s constitution and minutes of committee meetings, but have been advised that these will not be made available.

Andrew McAlpine, club secretary said: “An executive committee meeting was held on April 7 and the ban imposed on David Paterson upheld unanimously by the committee.

“That meeting decided it was inappropriate to supply you with a copy of the FAFA constitution.”

The club would appear to have backtracked however saying the letter they will be sending to Mr Paterson advising him formally of his ban will now also advise him of the appeal procedures available.

Historic Scotland said: “There is an extant Agreement between Scottish Ministers and (FAFA) which commenced in 1999. The Agreement authorises FAFA to allow permit holders to net course fish (including Pike).

FAFA can only refuse to issue a permit to an individual to fish after consultation with Scottish Ministers. We have written to FAFA seeking their comments regarding Mr Paterson’s position.”