‘Deep Sea’ fish ban revoked

David Paterson who'se ban has been overturned
David Paterson who'se ban has been overturned

The saga of Davie ‘Deep Sea’ Paterson’s lifelong fishing ban from Linlithgow Loch took yet another twist this week as confusion reigned over the legality of the ban.

Mr Paterson told us on Monday he has employed the services of a solicitor to deal with the situation.

He said: “This ban is clearly illegal and simply highlights my previous claim that it was issued as a vindictive action by a few individuals.

“I will be taking the matter all the way. I’ve been fishing my local loch for 20 plus years, and I won’t sit back and be 
dictated to at this stage.”

However, in an email received by the Journal and Gazette on Tuesday morning, Andrew McAlpine, secretary of the Forth Area Federation of Anglers, advised: “In light of the fact that we do not have contact details for Mr Paterson, to avoid further delay in the matter, please 
advise him that the original ban has been rescinded because the correct procedures were not followed.”

The Journal and Gazette has previously reported how the angling lease issued to the Forth Area Federation of Anglers on June 30, 1994, has a number of very specific caveats.

The most important of which states: “On payment of the appropriate charge for a permit...the grantee (FAFA) shall not without the prior written approval of the Secretary of State have power to refuse a permit to any person.”

Historic Scotland, owners of the Palace, Peel and Loch said: “We would like to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to enjoy this amazing historic setting, which includes those wishing to fish the loch for trout. We understand that there was a dispute between the Forth Area Federation of Anglers and a member of the public, wishing to fish the loch, but we are satisfied that the dispute has been resolved between the two parties.”

We advised Mr Paterson of the decision to overturn the lifetimes ban on fishing who was delighted. He said: “I’m grateful to the Gazette for taking up my cause, I’m fairly certain without your coverage the ban would have been enforced.”