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PLANS to develop Clarendon Farm in Linlithgow were put on public display this week.

Around 100 people viewed the exhibition from Gladman Developments at the Low Port Centre on 
Tuesday detailing proposals for 195 homes and community facilities, as part of local consultation before sub-
mitting a planning application.

In their drawings, 94 homes would be built on the west of the site, with a vehicle access from Manse Road, and 101 homes planned parallel to the Union Canal.

Housing takes up less than 30 per cent of the 65 acre site with large areas of green space kept for facilities, with suggestions including a child’s play area, BMX/skate park, a Scout base, and a public park.

More than one access point connects the development to local footpaths, but site entrances are still up for discussion.

A Gladman Developments spokesman said: “As for access roads, we have no solution to this yet.

‘‘We will be having discussions with West Lothian Council about the best access points for the site.

‘‘We’ve had good ideas, but we have a lot of work to do before we submit our planning application in the summer.”

The other issue concerning locals is education provision.

The spokesman added: “This as an eight or nine year development and we are working on this.

‘‘There are not so many houses that you would need a new school, so we can work with the facilities that are here.

‘‘Obviously we make school contributions and we will be taking other developments such as Winchburgh into consideration.”

Last February, the Journal and Gazette reported that Burghmuir developers Wallace Land had submitted 
proposals to build 200 homes to challenge the Gladman proposals, saying they were giving council planners a “choice” between the two 

Refusing to respond to the challenge, the Gladman spokesman added: “This is not our style. Our planning application when we put it in will be for the council, the people at the exhibition, and the planners to decide on.”

Responses to the Clarendon plans can be made 
online at