Diamond duo in Linlithgow delighted to compromise

David and Barbara on their wedding day
David and Barbara on their wedding day

A loving couple in Linlithgow celebrated six decades of being married this week and said compromise is key to lasting so long.

David (86), originally from Blairgowrie, was a policeman in Linlithgow after the war and during the early ‘50s met his future wife Barbara while she worked as a civil assistant in the police office. The couple were married on March 31, 1956 in St Michael’s Church in Linlithgow. Barbara said: “The weather that Easter was lovely. David’s family had come with their coats, which they soon did not need.”

David and Barbara now

David and Barbara now

During his time as a policeman David was relocated to Fauldhouse for seven years and explained how different working life was compared to today.

He said: “The hours were completely different back then. You had to finish a job if you started it and it did not leave me much time to see Barbara.”

The couple moved back to Linlithgow and David was made sergeant before he retired from the police in 1977. He went on to work as a truancy officer in Bo’ness and in security with various companies before retiring at 65.

He said: “My time in the army and being posted in Egypt prepared me for the discipline needed to work in the police and security.”

Barbara, who is Linlithgow born and bred, did not work while she had a family to look after. The couple had one daughter. Margo and two sons, Kenneth and Alan. They are now proud grandparents to Lisa, Karen, Andrew, David, Mary and Caera.

The close-knit family will all be heading out for a meal to celebrate the diamond occasion. Which is a relief to Barbara as it means she won’t have to cook.

After working in education and at a transport company, Barbara retired at the age of 60. She said: “It was nice that we both retired in the same year. It gave us plenty of opportunities to spend time with each other and of course see the family.” The couple say they have been married for so long because everything is 50/50, despite David giving in now again according to his wife.