Diana’s coachman is character on Flog It!

Flog It, the BBC’s antiques valuation series, filmed at Hopetoun House last week and unearthed a treasure chest – of characters!

Paul Martin, the show’s ever-welcoming host, was joined on his visit by regular experts Caroline Hawley, Adam Partridge and James Lewis.

Around 600 hopefuls visited the South Queensferry landmark building last Thursday (March 20) for filming of an episode in the latest series of the hit daytime television programme.

The process was simple; participants queued up and were filtered through a series of corridors and ante rooms before waiting in the ballroom to be filmed.

Several BBC researchers then filtered out particularly interesting stories and characters and moved them to a sealed off “holding pen” for participants who would then be filmed for the show.

Producers estimate that they film around 40 people for every show made.

But they also pledge to see everyone who gives up their time to go along.

On this visit, the team discovered a Bo’ness man with links to the royal family.

Robert Chambers, RVM, spent a lifetime in the service of the royal family as a coachman. He was the first to drive Lady Diana Spencer and, amazingly, also drove the first carriage in the 1977 Jubilee celebrations.

Ian McEwan was also there with daughter, Dee.

A civil engineer, Ian originally tendered for the construction contract of the Forth Road Bridge and lost out – only to be subsequently hired by the contract winner!