Dig deep for Bo’ness Fair

BO’NESS Children’s Fair chairman Jim Stewart has urged local residents to rally round and support the event.

With businesses and local authorities tightening the purse strings, Jim this week reminded everyone in the town that, utimately, it is their responsibility to ensure the high standards set over the years are continued into the future.

He said businesses like Caledonian Produce and BP had given great support in recent times.

‘‘But you can only go to the well so often,’’ said Mr Stewart this week.

Now, with the annual appeals week imminent (March 20-26) residents have been urged to consider setting up a standing order with their bank and give a few pounds a month to boost fair funds.

‘‘Historically, every child in Bo’ness gets new clothes for the fair.

‘‘If everyone gave the price of shirt, for example, that would go a long way towards ensuring the continued success of the Bo’ness children’s fair,’’ said the chairman.

This year’s appeal is all the more important given that two key fundraising events in the early part of the year, the Burns Supper and the Jean Armour Night, were both cancelled due to a lack of interest, depriving the fair funds of around £3000.

‘‘The annual appeals week is the big moneyspinner for fair funds,’’ added Mr Stewart.

‘‘Each year it raises around £9000 but with the loss of revenue from the cancelled Burns Supper and Jean Armour Night we are already facing a shortfall this year.

‘‘Falkirk Council has had to make cuts like everyone else at this time and will probably continue to have to make cuts next year and the year after.

‘‘We have already been told to expect that and so, ultimately, it is up to the people of Bo’ness to support their fair day starting with appeal week later this month.

‘‘My committee members have also been told to push the idea of standing orders to people.

‘‘A couple of pounds a month doesn’t get you much these days but it would be a great boost for the fair.’’

Meanwhile, the world’s top Elvis Presley tribute act is bringing his full stage show to the Douglas Park on June 24.

That’s the earlier date than usual for the Bo’ness Fair but with such a key attraction already confirmed for the Royal Command Performance in the afternoon, there should be a bumper crowd cramming into the park - giving stewards another opportunity to glean donations from those attending the event.

Also on the bill - and opening the proceedings - is popular local band Kool Kats who have waived their fee to support the fair. Appearing on stage between the opening act and the headliners will be the primary schools’ presentees.