Dig in at the Dock targeted by '˜idiots'

Organisers have said the decision to hold the final cyclocross event was made easier by 'idiots' who left a trail of hazards on the circuit.

Friday, 24th February 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 12:20 pm

Saboteurs targeted the sixth and final edition of the Dig in at the Dock at the Foreshore, Bo’ness, on Sunday, with clusters of u-shaped nails, tacks and screws on the course.

Luckily organisers, who didn’t report the incident to police, noticed the sharp items during a walk-through of the 3km course on Friday and no riders were harmed.

It is believed to be Scotland’s biggest cyclocross event – where modified road bikes compete across different terrain – with top international riders including former European champion Helen Wyman among more than 200 participants who registered.

But it is set to be the last outing in Bo’ness, with co-organiser David Hamill conceding it is becoming too demanding for him and Pete Ward.

David said: “It’s the last year we are going to do it because it takes a lot up of your life. It’s becoming too much hassle. It’s the first year the race has been targeted. We found small clusters of u-shaped nails that you would use in fences, screws, and tacks.

“I do not think they were trying to seriously injure riders because I just don’t think they are clever enough to realise the implications.

“There were kids aged between six or seven down there getting a skills clinic the day before. I don’t think the people would have done it had they known this.

“It’s these type of things which makes the decision to walk away easier.

“These are negative people and we didn’t want to give these idiots the attention.

“They believe the riders damage the grass but it’s actually just superficial.”