Diving in to help kidney charity


A caring 11-year-old is swimming in a tank full of sharks to raise money for a charity which means so much to his family.

Calum Graham will don a wetsuit and dive into a tank with tiger sharks at Deep Sea World tomorrow (Saturday) to raise cash for Polycystic Kidney Disease Charity (www.pkdchar

He is raising cash for the charity as his dad Niki suffers from the disease and is currently awaiting a transplant.

Niki has to spend five hours a day, three times a week, hooked to a dialysis machine.

Calum said: ‘‘Even though my dad looks well his body isn’t and he is in real need of a new kidney and has been on the transplant list since November 2011. Raising money for this charity will hopefully raise more awareness about the disease. ”

Niki said: ‘‘Calum is one of the kindest, most thoughtful and bravest kids I have ever known. He has seen me, health wise, at my best and at my very, very worst and has always stayed strong.’’

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