DJ’s dance night is donating funds to Bo’ness food bank

Foodbank donations
Foodbank donations

A group of DJ’s in Bo’ness is celebrating ten years of providing the town with entertainment by hosting an old school dance night.

David Grant, Sandy Thomson, Bryan Doherty and Ally McKellar began lighting up Bo’ness with musical entertainment a decade ago and spent four years putting on weekly shows in pubs around the town.

David, a market analyst by day and DJ by night, said: “It was fantastic at the time. People seemed to really love our events.

“However after about four years they eventually faded out and soon we stopped doing them all together.”

With the group’s ten-year anniversary coming up, the four DJ’s decided it was time to come back with a bang.

David said: “We have all always had a hand in music, however this will be the first time in a while all four of us have organised an event.

“Plus this time it is for charity so we hope the public will really get behind the night and raise lots of money.”

All of the cash from the event will go to the Bo’ness Storehouse Foodbank.

The food bank has been operational since 2012 and has supplied over 2200 food packs to 106 different households in Bo’ness.

The charity aims to reach out to those in need and David visited the food bank and described the experience as an eye-opener.

Mike Munro from the charity said: “We are delighted and very grateful for the support. The very fact that they have recognised what we are trying to do to within the town is so encouraging.”

Old Skool Dinners is on Saturday, April 30, at the Masonic Hall in Bo’ness. Tickets for the strictly over 21 event cost £10 and can be purchased by calling 07789507815.

The price includes entry into a prize draw with amazing signed DJ memorabilia to be won.