Do you have the Journal and Gazette factor?

A choir at the Linlithgow Advent Fayre
A choir at the Linlithgow Advent Fayre

Everyone enjoys a singalong at Christmas and we’re giving our readers a chance to share their heavenly voices with a wider audience this year.

For the Journal and Gazette is aiming to bring a bit of Christmas cheer by offering wannabe singers the chance to have a video of themselves carol singing featured on our website.

We are opening up our site to volunteers to showcase their talents.

Choirs – from established groups to community groups, churches and schools – are invited to video themselves wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Office staff planning their Christmas night out and workers in local shops and factories are welcome to join in too as we pull together some magical music.

With the lyrics of family favourites including ‘White Christmas’, ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Let it Snow’ readily available there is plenty of choice to give you the chance of three and a bit minutes of fame!

Who doesn’t have a smart phone which can deliver a colourful picture stream of everyone and anyone giving it laldy for Christmas?

Visit www.journaland and scroll down to the upload tool to send your video to us or email them to:

Remember to keep them to a maximum of three and a half minutes.

Please also submit information about the stars who appear in your video so we can share it with readers!