Doctor Who...?

Charlie Grosvenor with Dalek and Tardis
Charlie Grosvenor with Dalek and Tardis

It’s not every day you get to step back in time - but that’s exactly the opportunity which presented itself to Bo’ness residents.

Grosvenor Auctions was looking for bids from the next Bo’ness based ‘Time Lord’. 
Unfortunately there were no buyers for the unusual Doctor Who memorabilia on offer.

For those looking to be the next owner of a full-size Tardis or Dalek, along with numerous other lots, Bo’ness was definitely the place to be.

Auctioneer, Charlie Grosvenor, said: “I think the seller maybe missed the boat here. Despite huge interest, the lots didn’t make their reserve prices.’’

The top bid on the Dalek was £3000 while the Tardis managed to gain a bid of £1400.

The owner of the rather unusual TV memorabilia, Falkirk councillor Billy Buchanan, has now decided to review his options - perhaps in hindsight, a step back in time would have paid dividends!