Dog warning

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A DOG walker has appealed for pet owners to be on their guard after his pooch was attacked at Linlithgow Peel.

Andy Falconer from Armadale was walking Bobby, a wheaten cross terrier, in the Palace grounds a fortnight ago when he saw two Staffordshire terriers running towards them without any leads.

He said: “The larger of the two grabbed our small dog by the throat and it took ten minutes of frenzied attempts to release its grip before it finally let go. This was an horrific episode for those involved and those observing. My dog suffered puncture marks to ear and throat. I thought I was going to lose him as the dog was not for letting up.”

Police reports were taken and the council was informed of the incident.

Andy added: “I wish to alert other dog owners and parents that this event is entirely possible in the Palace grounds as anywhere else and advise them to check websites for tips in protecting innocents in such an assault.”

Andy got Bobby, right, who is one year and three months, from a rescue centre and although he is now doing fine, Andy is shocked this could happen.

He added: “This is unacceptable as this attack could have been on a child. I was astonished he didn’t come off worse. I don’t want people not to go to the Peel but we need to alert people to this and owners need to control their dogs.”

Andy (55) and partner Helen regularly took trips to walk their dog in Linlithgow until the attack happened.

Ian Lewis, Historic Scotland Ranger, said: “We voluntarily subscribe to the outdoor access code which advocates responsible ownership.

‘‘If there is any problem we would like to know about it, so we could then follow it up with the council’s environmental wardens.”