Dogs life saved by blood transfusion

Lesley Duncan with Sally, left, and Finn
Lesley Duncan with Sally, left, and Finn

After a canine patient almost died a Lothian vet practice is setting up a doggie blood donor list.

Eleven-year-old Finn was minutes from death after his spleen ruptured.

Owner Lesley Duncan (40) was walking him and her other dogs, Sally and Ruby ,in Beecraigs when Finn suddenly stopped running.

She said: “It was like someone had pulled his batteries out. I knew something was wrong.”

Lesley took him to Westport Veterinary Clinic in Linlithgow where it was discovered he needed an emergency blood transfusion. But luckily Sally was a suitable donor and helped him survive.

Stuart McMorrow, who operated on Finn, is starting a list of donors to save the clinic from a frantic and possibly fruitless phone-around when an emergency like this arises and potentially save animals lives.

He hopes it will be a legacy Finn leaves behind. Sadly the tumour on his spleen turned out to be malignant and he is not expected to live much longer but Lesley believes the operation was worthwhile, saying everyone should have a dog like Finn.