Don’t bank on clothes going to your charity

Clothes banks are well marked
Clothes banks are well marked

West Lothian residents are being warned against donating to unregistered clothing banks.

Several unauthorised clothing banks have been removed from council-owned land recently.

These banks were not marked, so it was unclear who was collecting the donations and where any revenue generated was going.

Local residents are encouraged to ensure a clothing bank is legitimate before donating their goods.

Clothing banks for good causes such as the council’s partner, the Salvation Army, are clearly marked, with the organisation’s registered charity number and contact details.

Executive councillor for the environment Tom Conn said: “The council would urge local residents to ensure donated clothes go into a legitimate clothing bank. Please avoid unmarked banks.

“With clothing fetching up to £500 per tonne, there is money to be made from second-hand clothes.

“Make sure your donation is not diverted away from the charity or community groups who deserve it by avoiding unmarked clothing banks.

“The council will continue to remove any unauthorised clothing banks from council property and we’d encourage anyone who spots an unmarked bank to report it.”