Don’t mess up Queensferry!

120312  Cllr norman work at south queensferry with dog pooh problem.
120312 Cllr norman work at south queensferry with dog pooh problem.
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CALLS are being made in Queensferry to increase enviromen-tal warden patrols to catch out dog owners who do not pick up after their pets.

This comes after only five dog owners in the Almond Ward area in the past year were given fixed penalty notices for dog fouling.

Mums across Queensferry are united that the actions of irresponsible dog owners are proving a real health hazard.

Lauren Dunnett contacted the Journal and Gazette this week after she spotted a trail of dog poo on her route to school with her two children.

Mrs Dunnett, who lives in the Scotstoun area of the town, said: “I do a school run to Queensferry Primary and the amount of fouling in such a short distance is astounding. I live near Dundas Park and will not let my young kids play on the grassy area there too because it is such a mess. Dog walkers also seem to think that a large grassy area is a suitable toilet for their dogs.”

Lauren added; “I cannot believe that so many dog walkers, or perhaps just a few repeat offenders, are so lazy and selfish. Part of owning a dog is to clean up after them, and if anyone is not prepared to do so then they should not have a dog!”

She added: “I really think the city council need to do more about this or perhaps we should start naming and shaming those caught.”

On the Journal and Gazette’s Facebook page we asked local readers their views and they responded saying the problem appears to be everywhere, at Scotstoun, Station Road, Morison Gardens and at Echline.

Facebook poster Trudi Liddell claims she even knows of someone who despite being fined three times by the city council’s environmental wardens continues to let his dog foul streets. Another poster, Mandy Armes added: “I cannot name one stretch of pavement or green area which is not desecrated by dog poop. I’m a mother that does the school run every morning and I would say about 80 per cent of the time I’m wading through dog poop with my buggy.”

Mrs Dunnett said that despite calls to the city council’s environmental department to highlight the problem and call for more patrols, the problem persists.

Councillor Norman Work said: “I receive many complaints from residents regards this and will now be asking the council’s environmental wardens to step up patrols.”

A spokeswoman for Edinburgh City Council said the vast majority of owners were responsible, but their environmental team took the issue of irresponsible owners seriously. People can be fined, she said.