Don’t put off breast cancer investigation

lin mcmillan breast cancer bo'ness
lin mcmillan breast cancer bo'ness
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Hogmanay will mark a decade since Lin Macmillan had breast cancer surgery, just weeks after her diagnosis.

Lin’s doctors caught the disease fairly early and after the recent Breast Cancer Awareness Month launch at the Scottish Parliament, hosted by charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, she is urging people to be aware of ALL the symptoms and check out any concerns.

“People need to know it isn’t just lumps you can feel, it’s changes to the skin, any kind of discharge from the nipple, any changes to the nipple. All these things need to be investigated,” said the 57-year-old, who lives in Bo’ness.

Lin was working for the NHS when she found “what looked like a dimple.”

Doctors diagnosed borderline stage two breast cancer and a lumpectomy was followed by radiotherapy, hormonal injections and the drug Tamoxifen.

Next year Lin will go for her last annual check.

“Don’t put it off for a minute longer,” she said. “The treatment success rates are so good these days and it’s really important to get seen early because the earlier it’s dealt with, the easier it is to treat,” she said.

“Breakthrough have a (Touch-Look-Check) campaign and I’d urge everybody to do that. Yes it’s frightening but in a sense not knowing and worrying is more frightening than finding out what’s really wrong because it might not be cancer.

“I would urge people who have any concerns to go to their GP straight away.”

Audrey Birt, Breakthrough’s Scotland director, said: “Around 1000 women in Scotland die every year from breast cancer. This is something that is just too important to forget.”

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