Don’t send us back to flat​!

220812   Stephen parks, boness council house dispute.
220812 Stephen parks, boness council house dispute.

A BO’NESS family are concerned that they will have to move back to a house which has been infested with rats.

Stephen Parks, his wife and their two-year-old son had been living on Commissioner Street in Bo’ness when the problems started. Rats chewed through personal items as they crawled around the house, living in the kitchen and roof space.

Worried for the safety and well being of his family, Stephen took it up with Falkirk Council.

The council sent pest controllers to the house and rat droppings were found.

Poison was then used to try to get rid of the problem rodents while the family was still living there.

“Pest control came to the house and set out the poison.

‘‘We had to keep all of the cupboards shut in the kitchen while this was happening and with a two year old in the house it was no way to live,” Stephen (45) told the Bo’ness Journal.

“When pest control returned, dead rats were found and that is when we were told we would be decanted to the home we are in just now.”

The family now find themselves settled at a different council property but they fear that, once the council has undertaken work on the Commissioner Street property, they will be forced to move back.

It is believed that a neighbouring house which is lying empty could be the source of the problem.

Stephen added: “We were orginally told we would be decanted to another property on Commissioner Street, but we couldn’t as there was problems with rats there too.”

“We just don’t want to go back there.

‘‘There are too many bad memories and it was very stressful.

‘‘My wife was pregnant at the time but suffered a mis-carriage while we were in that property.

‘‘It’s hard to say exactly what can cause this to happen but we believe it may have been due to the stress of living there.”

Having a young son, the couple have spent a considerable sum of money on making sure the new property was suitable for him.

“We had to spend some money on the property, which I doubt will be refunded but we are happy here.

‘‘My son is a lot more 
settled and he even has a garden to play in.

“We don’t mind that this home is smaller than the property on Commissioner Street, we just don’t want to go back there.

“It’s getting to the stage that, if we have to move back to Commissioner street, we will look to the private 
market, although it’s very 
expensive and we have limited funds now.”

Falkirk Council insist the family knew they would only be housed in their new 
property on a temporary 

A spokesman for the housing department said: “The tenants were decanted to 
allow work to be carried out to deal with a pest control 

‘‘Work is nearing completion and arrangements to move back to their secure tenancy will be made with the family this week.

“Prior to signing the temporary decant missive, the tenants were made fully aware that they would return to their secure tenancy 
following completion of 
necessary repair work.”

On the subject of money spent on the decant property they added: “A decant is a temporary arrangement and we would not expect tenants to spend any money on the property which is made clear before any temporary move.”