Double Christmas joy

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CHRISTMAS was made complete for one Linlithgow couple as they ended it with three wee Kings.

Jason and Jennifer King of Champany Holdings were just about to wrap their presents on Christmas Eve when the drama started.

Jason (38) said: “We had put our 17-month-old Thomas to bed, and were sitting down to have a mince pie, when Jennifer’s waters broke.”

Although twins often deliver early, the couple were taken completely aback by what was happening as Jennifer’s due date was January 27, and they rushed to St John’s hospital in Livingston.

Jason added: “It was quite a surprise. We knew we were having twins but it was all a bit rushed!”

On arriving at the hospital, nurses discovered one of the babies was breech, so they opted for a Caesarean, and hours later, Alice was born at 4.15pm weighing 5lb 3oz, and Matthew came in at 4.16pm weighing 5lb 9oz.

Jason, a computer programmer, said: “There were no complications and everything went smoothly – they’re all doing fine and proud big brother Thomas is delighted. We’re all very happy and it’s so special that it happened at Christmas – it will never be the same again!”

By Irene MacKinnon