Down memory lane

260512 peep at the past, 1957 marches.
260512 peep at the past, 1957 marches.

exactly 55 years ago, on June 1, 1957, the workers of the Avonmill paper mill at Linlithgow Bridge installed their Deacon for the Marches on Tuesday, June 18.

This photo shows Deacon James Kerr, being carried shoulder-high in the traditional fashion by Bob Mighton and Jimmy Waddell, who was “My Lord”.

His fellow workmates from Avonmill follow on behind.

Leading the Deacon and his supporters from the Bridge Inn to the Cross was Linlithgow Reed Band, gearing up for only its second Marches. Included in the ranks were Eddie and Jim McKenna, Mae Duncan, John Duncan Sen. and John Duncan Jun., Reggie Gray, John Pritchard and Dick Pritchard Jun., Willie McCormack, Jim Scotland, Dick Grant, Paul Stewart, Billy Greenhorn, Willie Kilgallon, John McPhie and Bruce Miller.

This is one of the earliest photos of the band, and Eddie McKenna, now 81, is still an active member.

The photo was supplied by James Kerr’s nephew, Murdoch Kennedy, of Chalmers’ Buildings, Linlithgow Bridge.