Down memory lane

From our files of December 13, 1912

A meeting was held in a Bo’ness foundry by Messrs Dick and Daick to discuss the benefits of Home Rule for Scotland, Ireland, Wales — and England.

A jury returned a formal verdict after railway platelayer David Murdoch died in hospital of blood poisoning after cutting a finger while emptying slag from a coal wagon near Broxburn junction.

Meanwhile, another man escaped death after an explosion in the tubing of an oil engine which was driving machinery at Almondhill Farm. The man went to inspect the engine and fell victim to the explosion as he approached. He was badly burned on the face and head.

From our files of December 15, 1972

A young musician was fined £100 at Linlithgow Sheriff Court after admitting he used cannabis to “help me compose”.

A 65-year-old woman was fined £5 at Queensferry Burgh Court after throwing a bucket of cold water over her 82-year-old neighbour following a disagreement.

Queensferry and Inchgarvie telephone exchanges were brought into the Edinburgh all-figure numbering scheme starting 031.

A sailor from HMS Achilles was fined £40 for stealing a bicycle from two schoolboys on Station Road, South Queensferry.

Linlithgow Academy pupils presented recent Uganda Asian refugees with an electric fire and two electric blankets.

From our files of December 13, 2002

Newly-appointed Sheriff Principal Iain McPhail sounded the death knell for the tired old Victorian building of the Linlithgow Sheriff Court saying it was “inadequate” for the brisk in court ‘business’.

Linlithgow Bridge Primary school was officially opened by MSP Mary Mulligan.

Smartcard technology was to be introduced to integrate council services. Among some of the “benefits” was a ‘truancy tracker’ to monitor pupil attendances at schools.

A granny whose grandson was hurt by a car on his way home from school on Rosebery Ave, Queensferry, got a second chance to state her case for a lollipop lady.