Down memory lane...

Tango craze arrives

This week in 1913

PARTY REVIVAL: An exotic new dance called the tango is credited with boosting demand for afternoon parties across the Linlithgow area. “Invitations are sent over the telephone at very short notice, and a merry party is soon assembled,” writes the Journal and Gazette.

NO HALF MEASURES: The Rev. John Muirhead of Camelon tells Linlithgow Presbytery that measures to control the flow of liquor under the Scottish Temperance Act will require support in every parish. “Let us not think of failure; a 50 per cent vote will reduce licencing by a quarter”.

RAIL ACCIDENT: Railwayman William Smith was badly injured after a shunting operation went wrong on the Bo’ness and Kinneil railway. He was taken to Edinburgh Infirmary where both legs were amputated.

OUTRAGEOUS: Linlithgow Sheriff Court heard how John Shaw was the worse for drink when he visited the town’s poorhouse to see his wife - one of the “lunacy patients”. Police were called when Shaw used offensive language and had to be restrained. He was fined ten shillings or about 50p.

Bo’ness helps hungry

This week in 1963

HUNGER CAMPAIGN: The global Freedom from Hunger campaign raises funds to feed starving people around the world with a ‘basket tea’ and concert for over 250 in Linlithgow Town Hall.

PHONEBOX: The GPO shelves plans to remove a kiosk from South Queensferry Post Office. Councillors said they knew of no other Post Office without its own phone box.

BEATLEMANIA: Bri-nylon ‘Beatle’-style jerseys are offered by Macintosh’s for just 29 shillings and eleven pence (that’s £1.50 today) “They’re a Wow - and how!” says the advert blurb.

DOUBLE HAT-TRICK: You wait all season for a hat-trick - and then two come along at once. Bo’ness United’s Johnstone and Gillespie knock-in three apiece as their team trounces Bonnybridge Juniors. But there was a cloud: outside right Alex Gibb was red-carded after clashing with Juniors’ centre-half Bunch.

HEART THROB: US heart-throb Rock Hudson stars with Barbara Rush at Bo’ness Hippodrome in “Taza, Son of Cochise”, a tale of feuding Apaches and the US cavalry.

Street of fear

This week in 1983

HOOLIGANS: Teenage gangs terrify pensioners in Linlithgow Bridge. One resident says maurauding vandals are pelting houses with stones and eggs but police say there’s little they can do.

SEWAGE: A faulty £250,000 effluent system gets emergency repairs after it leaks waste into Queensferry’s ancient harbour. Councillor Milne promises a bigger pipe.

SHOWSTOPPER: Bo’ness thespians vow to save the Barony Theatre after major repairs are required. Announcing a cash appeal, director John Miller declares: “Bo’ness people love their theatre and wouldn’t want to see it close forever.”

DISTILLERY PLAN: Councillors welcome plans by a mystery firm for an imaginative plan to convert St. Magdalene’s Distillery into factory units, a restaurant and a canal cruising centre.

TRADE-IN: Munro Cars offer £1000 trade-in against a new Lada 1200 De Luxe - vinyl roof included.

BU WIN: A solitary goal from Pat Carroll is enough to overcome tough opponents in the Robertson Homes cup tie.

Taxi chaos warning

This week in 2003

FREE FOR ALL DISASTER: MSP Michael Matheson predicts massive congestion if Bo’ness taxi operations are de-regulated. He is responding to calls by the Office of Fair Trading for a free-for-all to open up services to all comers.

SUNSHINE: Linlithgow tech group Sun Microsystems promises more than half a million pounds worth of investment in a new “cutting edge” plant. It says the inventory system will create another 12 jobs.

TRAIN: Scotrail announces a new stop for Linlithgow and Bo’ness workers heading for the Gyle and beyond. Trains from Dunblane on their way to Edinburgh will now call at the recently opened Edinburgh Park station near the Gyle.

ACTION HOLIDAY: A local firm offers the thrill of escorted quad bike trail rides over hill and forest tracks. The firm even offers over 16s the chance to ‘pilot your own hovercraft’!

TEAMS LOSE OUT: Linlithgow ladies hockey team were defeated by Aberdeen 1-0 whilst the rugby club lost by 10 points to Hamilton.