Downpour didn’t dampen Maddison’s big day

Maddison was excited to be crownd Bo'ness Fair Queen 2016
Maddison was excited to be crownd Bo'ness Fair Queen 2016

The biggest day of the year for Bo’ness was another resounding success, despite a brief downpour.

All the months of planning, preparation and anticipation from schools, parents, teachers and everyone else was worth it as the children paraded through the town seeming to have the time of their life.

Crowds gathered as early as 9am in Glebe Park as proud parents made sure they had the perfect view in the shadows of the town hall to see their child make their way to the stage.

By 10am a sea of people were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first band and school to enter the park.

Bo’ness Public School was first and the crowd roared as the mini-cheerleaders and basketballers entered the park.

Up next was the circus performers from St Mary’s Primary School, then came the pupils from Deanburn who were showing the audience the road to Rio with their outfits.

Kinneil Primary were next to enter the park and were out of this galaxy with their Star Wars theme and Blackness pupils followed looking scarily good in their Ghostbusters outfits.

The Bo’ness Academy spitfire cadets and football teams were next to be introduced followed by a samba band who got the crowd moving.

Next the park was flooded by a sea of yellow faces and blue dungarees as the minions of Grange Primary School made their way to the bottom of the stage.

The Guard of Honour were the first members of the Retinue to be introduced followed by Queen of the Fairies, Sophie Morrison, who sparkled in her green dress. The rest of the fairies soon joined their Queen on stage.

Queen of the flower girls Sarah Barkhouse was next to enter in her fantastic pink dress and her flower girls were close behind her.

The Yomen of the Guard made their way to the stage looking incredibly smart in their outfits which had been designed based on the French Revolution. The Bower girls in their matching blue and yellow dresses were next and were swiftly followed by the Lords in Waiting, Heralds, Sword Bearer, Sceptre Bearer, Crown Bearer, Ladies in Waiting and the Guard of Honour.

With the stage filling up only a few more members of the retinue were to arrive and Champion, Jamie McRae, strode to the stage looking like a mini-Napolean in his outfit.

Ellie Sneddon was next and made her way up the steps, one of the last acts of her reign as Fair Queen, Chief Lady in Waiting Emma Scotland was next and finally Fair Queen Maddison Chapman, followed by her Paiges, took her seat at the top of the steps.

Running late by only a few minutes, the crowning moment arrived just after 11am and Helenore Watt removed Maddison’s tiara and presented her with her crown.

Helenore wished everyone a long, happy and beautiful day before Jim Stewart, chairman of the Fair Day committee thanked the crowd for being fantastic and wished everyone a great day and a great night.

With rain clouds fast approaching the presentees showed off their best moves to the Queen and by noon the heavens opened and so did the umbrellas. Luckily Kinneil’s presentees were finished and the crowd hurried off for a sheltered spot along the parade route.

At 1pm the sun was shining on the parade which was as usual well attended by the people of Bo’ness.