Dozens of drivers caught in Linlithgow parking blitz

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A parking swoop on Linlithgow town centre saw 49 £30 parking tickets issued, as well as two endorsable tickets for parking on zig-zag lines.

The blitz follows a previous police complaint about “blatant flouting” of parking regulations, and will be repeated in the town and elsewhere across West Lothian “in the next few weeks”.

A further 35 tickets were issued around Livingston, in areas including the taxi rank and disabled parking pays at the Bank of Scotland.

A police spokesperson said on Facebook: “As part of an overall road safety strategy we will continue to look at areas where motorists are causing a danger to the public through inconsiderate parking.

“This enforcement activity and education through the use of social media will continue as and when required.

“I would encourage the public to share this post to ensure that we can maximise the eduction aspect to drivers”.

Heaviest hit in the recent exercise are those caught parking on zig-zags, as this adds three points to the motorist’s licence and incurs a £100 fine.