Dreams inspire spiritual artwork in Linlithgow church exhibition

Ann McLaughlin's work will be on display in Linlithgow
Ann McLaughlin's work will be on display in Linlithgow

A Linlithgow artist is to display a collection of surrealist paintings at an exhibition in St Peter’s Church in December.

Angels feature heavily in Ann McLaughlin’s work and she said she wants to transport people to a calm environment when they come to see her paintings by playing music and making it an ‘experience.’

She said: “Things happen on a daily basis, my dreams can be really vivid and I sketch things through the night. I suppose the paintings are like my response to things that are happening around me.

“There’s an angelic theme running through it and trees play a big part as well. It’s almost surrealism.”

Ann (57) has built up quite a collection of work after she got more into painting in the past couple of years. She converted her garage to a studio and spends her days developing her ideas into works of art.

She said: “It’s my first solo exhibition as I’m not really into arts and crafts fairs.

“When people come to see the exhibition I just want to take them away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and put across how I’m feeling when I paint.

“When I saw the church I just thought my work was so suited to it.

“I have relevant music to go along with each piece and I hope people can just take themselves away from their stresses.”

The exhibition, In Dreams, will be on display at St Peter’s Church in Linlithgow from Wednesday, December 2 until Saturday, December 5.

Organisers of the event have said it’s perfect for the season of Advent.