Drivers frustrated by Bo’ness floods

Flooding on Grangemouth road - library archive image
Flooding on Grangemouth road - library archive image

Long-suffering Bo’ness motorists once again faced lengthy delays on Monday morning due to flooding on the A904 Grangemouth road.

And it wasn’t just motorists who were affected. Several stretches of the footpath were submerged, making them completely impassible for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Paul Shave, our local correspondent and writer of “Man on a Bike” feature, has been lobbying Falkirk Council for years in an attempt to have the road, footpaths and drainage upgraded.

He said: “The problem here is twofold, firstly the drainage problems need to be looked at to find out why the road floods so regularly and, secondly, the council need to spend some money on both road and pathway to make them safe.’’

The council said it has plans to improve the road and put in a two-metre wide cycle path but no dates have been set for these plans to take effect.

The footpath’s present whin dust surface was an interim solution in response to earlier lobbying for improvements.

Due to continual flooding this is regularly damaged, forcing both pedestrians and cyclists onto the road and into potentially dangerous situations.

“Manifestly, Falkirk Council has prioritised prestige arts and leisure projects at the expense of less glamorous utility community links, especially at the periphery of its geographical area,” said Paul.

A spokesman for Falkirk Council said: “We are aware of frequent surface water issues on the A904. This is caused by run-off from the high ground on the south side of the road. These issues are being investigated.

“There are currently no plans to create a cycleway along this road.”

Police Scotland has advised that it is aware of the problem with flooding at this location.

It urged all road users to take extra care particularly at times when flooding prevents use of the footpaths.