‘Easy option’ anger of Queensferry fruit farm boss

John Sinclair of Craigie Farm and Deli
John Sinclair of Craigie Farm and Deli

Improvements to the cycle network on the outskirts of Edinburgh have left a Queensferry businessman with a major headache.

John Sinclair, who runs Craigie’s Farm and Deli, is losing business due to works being carried out to upgrade a cyclepath on the A90 between Cramond and Queensferry.

The southbound slip at the Burnshot flyover, near to Cramond Brig, is currently closed and work is expected to continue until August. But the closure means motorists cannot access the farm, which is off Craigiehall Road.

Craigie’s produce soft fruit andMay, June and July is their busiest period with 50 per cent of their annual income coming in these months.

John said: ‘‘A third of my customers access us by this slip road and, although diversions are being put in place, these are from the Forth Road Bridge and refer to the ‘Burnshot Slip’.

‘‘I doubt if any of my customers are aware the slip road is called this. And, by the time they get to the slip road, it is too late, there is no diversion.’’

Instead motorists have to continue onto the Barnton junction and then double back on the A90 northbound.

Mr Sinclair said: ‘‘No thought, care or consultation has been taken with small local businesses. I received the notice on Monday, April 28, a week before the closure.

‘‘The city council always take the easy option. It is far easier to close a road for 16 weeks rather than try to slot the road closure in at a critical time of the works for a shorter period.

‘‘I agree with and am right behind the much-needed works on the cycle path but I am disappointed at the inefficient and inconsiderate way the council is going around doing these works.’’

A council spokesman said: ‘‘Due to the width of the off-slip road at Burnshot, there is not the width available to carry out our foot/cycleway widening works, provide the required safe working area for contractors and their plant, and maintain sufficient width for a general traffic lane.’’