Edinburgh Airport agrees to allow access to historic flight data

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A “record” number of people turned out for a community council meeting in Blackness to voice concerns over a 
controversial flight path.

The village’s community council hosted the meeting on Wednesday which was attended by three representatives from Edinburgh Airport who faced angry residents who say noise from aircraft flying their homes has been “horrendous”.

Helena Paul, community councillor and spokesperson for the Stop Edinburgh Airspace Trial (SEAT), has spent hours researching details and information on flight paths since the so-called TUTOR one started causing much concern in communities across West Lothian.

She said the meeting was a “watershed” after the airport’s communications director Gordon Robertson agreed to allow them access to historic flight data, which they have previously asked for, to check how many flights go over the village.

Mrs Paul said: “We had no issue with noise pre-TUTOR, but since it started it has been horrendous. I am pleased Mr Robertson agreed we can see the historic flight data and look forward to reviewing this.”

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said: “All issues were aired and further steps and communication has been agreed on.

“In particular, in order to show that no flight paths have changed over the area since the trial, the airport has invited a delegation from the Community Council to the airport to look at historical aircraft track information.”