Edinburgh trial flight path row soars into new year

Edinburgh Airport
Edinburgh Airport

Campaigners are calling for Edinburgh Airport to release data gathered during the trial period of a proposed flight path earlier this year.

Official statistics are set to be made public next month, which will show the impact of the TUTOR flight path and give an idea of whether it could be made permanent.

Helena Paul, of Blackness and part of the Stop Edinburgh Airspace Trial group (Seat), said it is time the airport are honest with them.

She said: “While the tragic TUTUR experiment may have ended early due to the weight of public opposition, the appalling noise disturbance has not ended for many people. You would think that in the season of goodwill, Edinburgh Airport would at least try to be a better neighbour to the many communities suffering all around them.

“I would call on the airport to be open and transparent – share with us the flight data over a sufficient period of time, then by way of a simple comparison, we can all see who is really telling the truth here.”

Fiona Hyslop MSP said the airport was “misinformed about the level and severity of the disruption” and she has sent a report to the Civil Aviation Authority detailing over 2000 responses from residents.

She said her report would ensure the CAA were fully informed of the “real issues behind” the proposed flight path and the impact it has had on residents.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport said the trial was conducted to gain “essential information” to allow for a full consultation with locals.

“As previously stated – any future airspace change trails will be preceded by a direct engagement process with local residents.”

Results of the trial are set to be released in January and any proposed air space chance will “include comprehensive stakeholder consultation.”