Cluster Games has a-Peel

Llinlithgow catchment schools cross country at Peel
Llinlithgow catchment schools cross country at Peel

Linlithgow will play host to one of the largest sporting events this year outside of the Commonwealth Games.

For on Friday, May 16, the Linlithgow schools cluster will hold the Cluster Games 2014 opening ceremony at Linlithgow Cross.

Schools throughout the area have been invited to attend the event, which Linlithgow Marches Provost Jack Adair will open.

The opening ceremony will be supported by the Linlithgow schools cluster choir and representatives from each school will carry their adopted country’s mascots and batons.

As the games opening will coincide with the Commonwealth Big Dance Day, schools within the cluster have been invited to join in at 11am, following the opening ceremony.

Organisers anticipate that there could be up to 750 children taking part in the dance event, which is believed to be the largest in Scotland.

It will incorporate the Commonwealth Games into the curriculum as a theme.

Schools have also been invited to come together on Monday, June 2, for the annual P6 – S2 cross country Peel Race which takes place in the morning on the Peel.

This will be followed by a fancy dress Big Picnic when, weather permitting, children will enjoy the fun and watch their very own baton relay and display their mascots in a Peel walk-about.

Lesley Malone, Linlithgow School’s cluster organiser, said: “Having the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow is a unique opportunity to really inspire our young people.

“Having our very own Linlithgow Games 2014 will help children to capture the excitement within our schools and encourage increased levels of participation in the sporting and cultural life of the community.

“The Linlithgow cluster takes part in a programme of sport throughout the year, made possible by the support of the PE team made up of class teachers working with Linlithgow Academy, Donaldson’s, sports development officers and most importantly local sports clubs.

“This strong link has made it possible to bring over 2,000 children together in a variety of events and I am again very proud of the support and enthusiasm shown by everyone involved.”