Donaldson’s school ‘could do better’

Donaldson School Linlithgow
Donaldson School Linlithgow

An Education Scotland report has determined that Linlithgow’s national deaf school must improve.

Donaldson’s school has been given a year to improve its leadership after inspectors found there are weaknesses in the management of the school and in communication between the board, the school and its stakeholders.

In contrast, the HMI report found that in the nursery department children are well motivated, learning and achieving well from their environment.

Mary Mulligan, convenor of the board of Donaldson’s Trust, said: “We are pleased our nursery and residence have been so highly recognised and that the HMIe inspectors noted the positive relationships the children have with our staff across care, education and specialist support.

‘‘We aim to create an environment where our young people are highly motivated and therefore communicate and learn well and across the board we have made good progress in meeting the Curriculum for Excellence aims and objectives.

“We are disappointed that, on this occasion, the HMI inspectors have noted areas for improvement. We have taken heed of their feedback and have been working closely with senior managers and teaching staff to put in place action plans to ensure that we consistently achieve high levels of service and quality, as well as processes to continually monitor and improve our effectiveness in all aspects of our work.

“There is no room for complacency and our full team is 100 per cent determined to ensure that when the inspectors return next year, they will be more than happy with what they see.”