First-class maths degree for Pok, 13

Maths whizzkid Pok Lo knows his times tables
Maths whizzkid Pok Lo knows his times tables

Youngster graduates with honours ... in his spare time

Wang Pok Lo (13) studied for an Open University degree in the subject and will attend a graduation ceremony at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh on October 28.

Pok said: “I was amazed when I found out my results.”

He plans to enrol on a part-time Masters in statistical and medical applications at Sheffield University, and is also doing an Open University Masters degree in analytic number theory and his National 5 exams.

Pok, who also enjoys playing piano, guitar and chess, recalls the first time he had a fascination with numbers. He said: “My first memory was when I was with my dad in an elevator in Hong Kong and there were numbers from 20 to 0, which skipped every two levels.

“I remember I knew about the number 18 without being taught or shown it. I did not think it was hard – it was just like a series of numbers. I was about one-and-a-half years old.”

The maths whizzkid was doing division and multiplication sums when he was two and achieved an A-pass in his advanced higher maths aged 11 – the top mark in the school.

He said: “I want to do a PHD in maths and go into medicine.

“When my friends realised I was doing advanced maths they were quite surprised but now they are used to it. It’s the norm now. I’m just Pok to them.”