Help with school costs

Parents are not taking advantage of financial help for school costs
Parents are not taking advantage of financial help for school costs

The council is urging parents with schoolchildren to check what financial support is available to them for the likes of free meals or clothing support.

The ‘Is your child eligible?’ campaign aims to highlight that support is available to parents and their children through several West Lothian Council funded programmes.

The assistance available is far-reaching and helps thousands of families in the district each year and aim to help families which are in need of, and entitled to, financial support.

Thousands of parents already make use of the assistance on offer, but the council say many more are missing out through a lack of awareness.

Over 10,000 pupils from P1 to S6 take part in the council’s free school meals programme, while almost 6000 pupils currently receive school clothing grants.

The school clothing grant is £110 for each child of secondary school age and £94 for each child of primary school age at the start of the school session in August. Parents and carers can apply for a school clothing grant once in an academic year.

Education maintenance allowance is £30 per week, depending on household income. Household income is assessed in the same way as for tax credits provided by HM Revenue & Customs. Students estranged from parents or in care of the authority can also be paid.

Children may also be eligible for 600 hours of pre-school provision from the start of the first term after their second birthday.

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