Joel’s e-book sales will raise cancer awareness

Teacher Joel Caldicott whose book has topped the Amazon Book List.
Teacher Joel Caldicott whose book has topped the Amazon Book List.

A Queensferry Community High School teacher is going all out hoping to raise at least £1000 for Prostate Cancer UK.

First of all he will take on the Tough Mudder race next month in Dumfries but he has also released a collection of short stories on Kindle, entitled ‘His Precious Burden’ on sale at £1.99 with all proceeds going to Prostate Cancer UK.

English teacher Joel Caldicott has taught in the Ferry for just under a decade and drew upon his own writing talents to publish a lasting tribute to his father, Graham, who died just a year ago.

Joel has submitted manuscripts unsuccessfully before so he used Kindle Direct Publishing to ensure his book made its way to the reading public electronically.

Joel’s father Graham died from prostate cancer and he is not only keen to raise funds for the cause but also wants to raise awareness of the need for early detection too.

Joel dedicated the book to his dad saying that it was his ‘humour, faith and a lifelong resilience in the face of adversity’ that influenced him more than he realised.

‘‘My dad and I were very close. He had a heart attack in 2009 but it was in March 2012 that he was told he had advanced prostate cancer. We looked for some hope but everything was pretty grim and he passed away on May 21, 2014,’’ he said.

‘‘I had already written two of the stories and penned the others in the last year. I got the bit between my teeth as I wanted to finish the book before the anniversary of Dad’s death.’’

Joel is in training for Tough Mudder, a gruelling obstacle course and run. You can donate on