Report flags up school’s achievement

Education Scotland inspection report gives Linlithgow Academy top marks.
Education Scotland inspection report gives Linlithgow Academy top marks.

The staff and pupils at Linlithgow Academy are cock-a-hoop over a recent inspection report.

Education Scotland officials paid a four-day visit to the school between February 24-28 where they spent time with staff, pupils and parents looking at and examining all aspects of the curriculum as well as non-curricular activities offered at the school.

The overall result, as issued in HM Inspector’s report on April 29 showed, quite conclusively, that the Academy is at the top of its game and is an ideal learning environment for the young people in Linlithgow and surrounding areas.

The report went on to say that Linlithgow Academy pupils are well-mannered, articulate young people who are highly motivated to learn.

The inspectors also highlighted a number of other key strengths including outstanding attainment, the high quality of pupil support provided by staff, including the autism resource, and the overall leadership provided by the head teacher.

The report said they (the young people) are proud of their school and an ethos of respect is evident through their mature attitude to learning and relationships with each other and staff.

The quality of young people’s attainment has improved notably, with significant numbers achieving Credit level and grade A Intermediate and Higher awards. The proportion of young people achieving an Advanced Higher is more than twice the national average and well above schools which serve young people with similar needs and backgrounds.

Executive councillor for education, Lawrence Fitzpatrick, said: “This is a glowing report and one which the pupils, staff, parents and 
carers, can be proud.

‘‘The Inspectors have said they would like to explore further with a view to sharing their findings with other schools which is also good news for Linlithgow Academy.”