SLIDESHOW - Kids enjoy festival of sport

Sporting activities in Linlithgow primary schools went into overdrive when Lesley Malone, West Lothian Council’s PE organiser for the Linlithgow primary schools organised several events.

These included athletics as well as netball and benchball sessions.

Linlithgow Leisure Centre  primary schools cluster sports

Linlithgow Leisure Centre primary schools cluster sports

The events are designed not only to give children a flavour of different types of sports but also to engage them in healthy activities.

Lesley said: “It’s remarkable how the children get stuck in when we introduce a new sport. It’s great to see so many reaping the benefits which, it’s hoped, will be a launch pad to a healthy lifestyle.” Lesley saidshe wished to thank Alex McEwan, sports development officer, and sports leaders at Linlithgow Academy for their help to stage the festivals.

Results from the festivals are: P3 Benchball - 1= Linlithgow and St Joseph’s; 2 Low Port; 3 Torphichen; 4 Westfield. P5 Indoor Athletics (Section A) - 1 Linlithgow; 2 Linlithgow; 3 Linlithgow Bridge; 4 Bridgend, Torphichen and Westfield (combined team); 5 Springfield; 6 Low Port. P5 Indoor Athletics (Section B) - 1 Low Port; 2 Linlithgow Bridge; 3 Linlithgow; 4 St Joseph’s; 5 Springfield. P4 Netball (mixed) - 1 Linlithgow; 2 St Joseph’s; 3 Low Port.