Sport school is on track in 2015

Bo'ness Academy in new PE setup
Bo'ness Academy in new PE setup

Bo’ness Academy has announced that it is starting a School of Sport for session 2015/16.

There will be a School of Dance and a School of Football for the new S1 intake.

Pupils will receive two extra periods of PE in their chosen activity and will go through a tailored programme throughout the academic session, geared towards improving their skill levels.

All P7s will be getting visits over the next couple of weeks to be given a talk about what is involved.

They will be asked to apply for their chosen school and then be invited to attend a trial for the School of Football and audition for the School of Dance.

Principal teacher of health and well-being, Jonathan MacWhirter said: “I am extremely proud and grateful to the school that they have allowed me to set up the School of Sport.

“I hope it will increase extra-curricular participation and improve the skill levels of many pupils.”

Headteacher David Mitchell said “I am delighted to support a new venture for the school.

‘‘In meeting the individual needs of our young people we are constantly seeking new and exciting ways to engage our pupils.

“As well as improving the health and fitness of our youngsters, we are sure that this option will tap into popular areas for both boys and girls.”

The School of Sport will be self-funded.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more or sponsoring a football team or the school of dance should contact Jonathan MacWhirter on 01506 822028.