Tom is made of write stuff

Young Writer competition at Howden Park Livingston
Young Writer competition at Howden Park Livingston

Linlithgow Primary pupil Tom Mumford picked up a prestigious award at West Lothian Council’s Young Writer of the Year event last week.

Tom was the winner of the Linlithgow Journal and Gazette award from editor Colin 
Hume who was most impressed by Tom’s story entitled “The Sickening Step Mum”. The poignant story struck a chord with the judges as well. It went as follows:

Greg lived with his dad and step mum.

He knew nothing about his real mum because dad would never tell him. Greg’s dad was bald and had a big nose.

He worked in an old hairdressers near the town centre. He became bald when he tried to give himself a mohawk.

Note to self: Never ever try this at home. It could lead to shocked dads and fainting mums.

Greg’s step mum, however, was fat. In fact she was really, really fat.She’s probably the chubbiest, fat person you would ever see (if you could see all of her). Their flat had to have two front doors put together so she could get in.

You may all be wondering why she is so fat. Well it’s because she eats too much chocolate and it’s not like three bars a day. It’s more like three every hour. But there is something else about her. She was evil! She could make a policeman wet himself with her horrific stare.

Note to Self: Once you have perfected the stare you can do anything. Even making your mum buy a chippy every night.

One day Greg had had enough. Dad would never do anything because he was too scared but Greg had a plan. There was an old legend about a man who died in their flat.

The legend is the man’s ghost comes out at 10pm to haunt all the people in the flat. Greg crept into the living room where his step mum was watching TV and eating chocolate.

Greg was wearing a white sheet with a creepy picture off the internet. He was just about to jump out on his suicidal mission when he heard an odd groan.

His step mum heard it too. T

here was a pale transparent figure standing in the doorway.

Greg’s step mum jumped out the window never to be seen again. Suddenly the figure vanished in a cloud of smoke.

Council leader John McGinty said: “Creative writing is a great way to encourage thinking and learning.’’