Under-fire deaf school has made ‘some progress’

Scotland Donaldson's School Linlithgow
Scotland Donaldson's School Linlithgow

Linlithgow’s national deaf school has made progress since being severely criticised last year, inspectors said this week.

Donaldson’s School had been served with an improvement notice by the Scottish Government and was ordered to make immediate changes to the way it is run.

Police Scotland were also said to be assessing allegations related to serious sexual offences - some historical - and how staff at the school responded to them.

Education Scotland said the school needed to take “urgent action” to review and improve how it managed the challenging behaviour of some children and young people.

Inspectors have since met staff and the Board of Governors and a spokesman for Education Scotland said: “The school has made some progress since the last report in December and the actions required of the school as a matter of urgency have been taken.

“These changes are still at an early stage and require more time to be embedded in order to make a positive and sustained difference.

“HM Inspectors will continue to monitor the school’s performance and will carry out a further inspection within one year of publication of this report to ensure further improvements have been made.”

Among proposals agreed are “robust and rigorous monitoring of the new staffing structure to ensure that children’s and young people’s needs are met”. The number of reported “peer on peer safety incidents” must be cut.

It has also been agreed that the curriculum, and in particular the area of health and wellbeing, should be improved “significantly”.