Eilidh looking to find her life-saving hero

Eilidh is looking to find her helper who came to her aid after a terrible cycling accident
Eilidh is looking to find her helper who came to her aid after a terrible cycling accident

A Grangemouth woman is trying to find her saviour who rushed to her aid after she flipped over the handlebars of her bike and hit a tree.

Eilidh McCall (24) was cycling around Beecraigs Country Park on Saturday when she flew off her bike and suffered a terrible accident.

Eilidh said: “I think I must have had a bit too much speed coming round the corner and panicked.” She believes she slammed on the brakes which catapulted her into a tree and sent her skidding along the ground.

While on the ground Eilidh’s boyfriend Andy phoned the emergence services, however before they arrived a trainee nurse had jumped the fence and was offering support to the badly injured Eilidh.

She said: “The nurse really helped keep me calm and also supported my neck until the ambulance arrived.

“It is amazing to think she jumped straight into action and came to my aid. I can not thank her enough.”

To keep Eilidh warm, the mystery heroic helper wrapped her silk leopard print scarf around Eilidh and she is wanting to find her saviour to return it.

Eilidh described the nurse as 25 to 35-years-old, brown hair with blonde streaks and was wearing a black t-shirt and a grey cardigan.

Eilidh was eventually transferred to Edinburgh Royal Hospital by air ambulance and was in the surgical observation ward for 24 hours.

During her stay the doctor told Eilidh that without her helmet she would either have been in the intensive care unit or dead.

She said: “To come out with only a concussion and some scrapes is far better than what could have happened.

“The helmet was the best £25 I have ever spent.”

Eilidh has no memory of Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning and her Go-Pro camera had died before she fell so she has no way of knowing who her helper was.

She said: “It was gutting to lose a whole weekend however I have not been put of cycling and will be back on the bike soon.”

If you are Eilidh’s mystery helper get in touch at editorial@falkirkherald.co.uk.