Electric car charging points spark debate

Electric vehicle charging bays
Electric vehicle charging bays

Readers have complained to us that two dedicated electric car parking spaces at Linlithgow’s Water Yett are a waste of space - but are they?

This week we are also reporting on a Friends of the Earth Scotland study which shows that both Main Street in Newton Village and Linlithgow’s High Street have pollution levels above the acceptable Scottish maximum.

Proponents of the ‘waste of space’ view claim that parking is already at a premium for the GP’s surgery, and that taking away two bays for vehicles which, it is claimed, are almost non-existent in the Burgh is foolhardy and pointless.

However, there is a counter argument to this, which, when we posed the question last week on our Facebook page, received a number of responses.

Alan Brown of Transition Linlithgow said: “The problem with parking capacity at the GP surgery is that there’s no time limit on existing parking so people park there all day. If we want to fix things we need to push the council to do more to manage vehicle parking bays. A free for all approach gets abused easily.”

Only last week we reported that 2014 was the warmest year on record globally and there is a groundswell of opinion that we need to wake up to the reality that fossil fuels need to be kept in the ground.

Electric cars are simply one way forward in embracing how we can play our part in trying to heal the damage already done to our planet.

Most new innovations start out being seen as pointless by some. Who ever thought 10 years ago we’d need a phone with a camera. New technology always has an incubation period before people catch on to the benefits.

Perhaps, rather than slamming the idea as ‘pointless’, we should be looking to congratulate West Lothian Council on their forward-looking 
visionary plans for the town - making it a leader instead of a follower by planning ahead and leaving the correct sort of footprint for the future.