End of the road for ‘waste of time’ plan

Clarendon Road   Image by: Malcolm McCurrach
Clarendon Road Image by: Malcolm McCurrach
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A Linlithgow parking scheme that has cost the taxpayer £5874 and been branded a “waste of time” will be 
removed from November 1.

The latest move by West Lothian Council is a victory for residents on Clarendon Road and Clarendon Crescent who complained that the experimental waiting restrictions and permit scheme put in place last October were completely unnecessary.

The Linlithgow parking scheme was the first of its kind in West Lothian and was aimed at stopping rail commuters parking in the area all day.

Parking permits costing £20 had to be purchased to allow people to park in the area during the restricted hours of 10am and 11am from Monday to Friday to stop commuters clogging up the streets.

But the council has voted to discontinue the scheme after a survey highlighted that only a small number of commuter cars had been displaced.

William Purnell of Clarendon Crescent said: “It always was in my mind a waste of time, resources, and more importantly money, as I pointed out at the start there was not a problem. What the parking scheme did do was cause inconvenience to many local residents, along with a cost to those who bought a permit to park in the area.

‘‘At least now we will be once again be able to have visitors in the morning without the fear of them receiving a parking ticket.”

Over the year, 40 parking permits were bought generating £800, and 20 penalty tickets were issued by police.

A council spokesperson said: “A number of residents wanted the scheme to be introduced to see if it had any significant impact on commuter cars being parked in the area, and it is clear that has not been the case.

‘‘There is an administrative burden and costs for the council, police and residents, and they are not balanced by the benefits of the scheme.”