‘Area of restraint’ could be relaxed

Kettilstoun Mains
Kettilstoun Mains

West Lothian residents have eight weeks to speak out on planning policies for the area.

The council has approved its ‘‘Main Issues’’ report ahead of the long-awaited Local Development Plan and is now canvassing residents’ opinion.

One of the key areas for consultation is whether the area of restraint in Linlithgow should be relaxed.

Linlithgow is also expected to deliver up many responses with at least three areas of controversy in the wake of recent planning applications.

These include Burghmuir, Clarendon Farm and, most recently, Kettilstoun.

The report continues the council’s stated position on delivering economic growth and supporting housing development in West Lothian with strategic development sites highlighted. The council is obliged to set its LDP to determine how land should be used in the future and which areas should not be developed.

The plan helps to identify areas for development and explains how important infrastructure, such as schools and roads, should be provided.

Deputy council leader Councillor Cathy Muldoon said: “We would encourage anyone with an interest in how their local area develops to give us their views on the Main Issues Report.

“Our consultation seeks views on key issues involving location and scale of housing, economic growth, community regeneration, infrastructure requirements and delivery.”

Public meetings will be held and details will be made available later this month.