Covid-19 could hit Linlithgow solar power project

A charity seeking to beat the deadline to qualify for feed-in tariffs has expressed fears that disruption due to Covid-19 means it could miss out.

Thursday, 26th March 2020, 6:52 am
Solar panels going up on the Linlithgow Golf Club roof.

Linlithgow Community Development Trust (LCDT), which is currently developing a solar project for the town, is struggling to meet Ofgem’s March 31 deadline because of the virus.

Linlith-Go-Solar (LGS) is one of the trust’s key projects.

Phase 1 of the project successfully installed a pilot Solar PV panel system on the roof of the training facility at Linlithgow Rugby Club. Phase 2 has now started, involving the installation of solar panels at Linlithgow Golf Club, Linlithgow Sports Club and a secondary system at Linlithgow Rugby Club. The money saved by the clubs will support the long term sustainability of the club as well as negate their carbon emissions.

LCDT is in the middle of a Community Bond offer to raise money to complete Phase 2 and is looking for local people and businesses to invest in the Phase 2 project before April 10. However, all of that hard work is now in jeopardy. The March 31 deadline is set in secondary legislation, but LCDT is hopeful that the UK government can find a way to introduce some flexibility.

An LCDT trustee said: “It would be deeply regrettable having got this far and put in so much effort, blood, sweat and tears, to miss the deadline, through no fault of our own. It will make it that much harder to realise the financial benefits to the community of the LGS initiative.

“Purchasing Community Bonds is about making an investment in your local community. Investing a small sum of money shows you support and care for your community, whilst also receiving a financial return.”

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