Four-week mouse hunt at Town Hall

Bo'ness town hall.
Bo'ness town hall.
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The exterminators were in Bo’ness Town Hall for four weeks to rid the building of a pesky pest problem.

The building, operated by the Falkirk Community Trust, is used for weddings, school functions, parties and fundraisers, and they recently found they had a rodent problem.

A mouse was originally spotted in the stage area by a member of staff on Friday, October 4, prompting urgent calls for pest controllers to take swift and decisive action to deal with the problem.

Falkirk Council’s pest control service were called in by the Community Trust, and who have been visiting the property since the date of the original sighting.

Using bait boxes in an attempt to eradicate the possible infestation, the specialist staff visited on a weekly basis to check on and renew the bait traps.

Their last visit to the popular ‘B’ listed building was on October 29 when it was felt that the original problem had now been eradicated.

Gary Smith, a team leader from the Community Trust said: “We did have a minor issue when a mouse was spotted under the stage.

“As a responsible body we took steps to ensure that there was never any risk to the public, at no time were any of the bait boxes used within food preparation areas.”