Garden uplift update on charges in Queensferry and Kirkliston

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A controversial scheme which will see householders charged for the use of brown bins has moved up a gear after its registration service started.

City of Edinburgh Council says it wil continue with its collection of brown bins even though it says that is a ‘non statutory service.’

However Kirkliston and South Queensferry residents will have to pay an annual fee of £25 from October onwards to have the contents of the bin emptied.

And they are now being invited to sign up for it, in a move that will see letters sent out to households.

The closing date is Sunday, July 22. Those who receive a council tax will not be charged but must register for the scheme.

The council argues that charging will save them £1.3 million per year

“Treasurer and Environment Convener Councillor Leslie McInnes said: “We’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure changes to the service are made as quicky as possible- beginning the process now will give plenty of time for residents to sign up and for us to creat new collection times and calendars.

“We’ll be keeping residents fully informed as to how this will affect them and running an awareness campaign.

“By introducing this charge, we will be able to increase collections from once every three weeks to once every two weeks while saving the council money, enabling us to deliver a whole range of essential services to residents.”

However, Liberal Democrat councillor Kevin Lang maintains this is a mistake.

The Liberal Democrat said: “ The Scottish National Party and Labour councillors’ new garden tax should be consigned to the compost heap. It is a policy which nobody wants and nobody voted for in last year’s elections.

“Independent analysis by Council officials shows the new tax will reduce recycling rates in places like Queensferry and Kirkliston.It risks increasing fly tipping in rural areas. The administration should end its obsession with charging people for such a basic council service.”