Help the sun continue to shine on Linlithgow solar panels scheme

The Linlith-Go-Solar project is continuing to make the most of the town’s nearly 1300 hours of sunshine a year, and is now looking for your help.

Wednesday, 11th March 2020, 9:41 am
Members of Linlith-Go-Solar pictured at the rugby club. LtoR: Madeline Barnes, Fraser Falconer, Pamela Barnes, Patricia Chapman, Chris Gunstone, Elaine Brown and Isabel Barnes.

Phase 1 of the project raised £17,000 to install a pilot SolarPV panel system on the roof of the training facility at Linlithgow Rugby Club last May.

At the end of last year, the 55 panels had generated over 9,000kwh of electricity – enough to power three homes for a year.

Linlith-Go-Solar is one of the key projects of local charity Linlithgow Community Development Trust (LCDT).

As a result of Phase 1, and thanks to support from Local Energy Scotland, LCDT has successfully secured grant money to undertake Phase 2 of the Linlith-Go-Solar project.

This will see the installation of solar panels at Linlithgow Golf Club, Linlithgow Sports Club and a second system at Linlithgow Rugby Club.

However, the Trust is asking local people and businesses to invest in Community Bonds to fully deliver the plans. All investors will receive their money back with interest. The target of £25,000 must be met by April 10.

LCDT trustee Neil Barnes said: “We are delighted to take this project to the next stage after a very successful pilot at Linlithgow Rugby Club.

“Solar energy brings many opportunities, including generating electricity, lower energy costs, and reduced environmental impact of the community sites across the town.

“The profits from the project will also be reinvested back into the community, which provides an opportunity to support local projects.”

Pauline Hinchion from Scottish Communities Finance Ltd said: “Purchasing Community Bonds is about making an investment in your local community. Investing a small sum of money shows you support and care for your community, whilst also receiving a financial return.”

You can invest in bonds from £50 online at