It’s a towering achievement

The new Forth Crossing  from the southbound side
The new Forth Crossing from the southbound side

The Queensferry Crossing hit another milestone this week with the announcement that all three towers had reached the halfway stage.

The towers are over 105 metres tall and will reach their finished height of 210 metres by late summer, with the first of the bridge’s cables installed, too, within months.

And 12 of the bridge’s 122 road decks are already in place.

Scottish infra-structure secretary Keith Brown visited the crossing’s north tower this week to view progress.

He said: “It’s only here you get the true size and sheer scale of the operation underway to construct the Queensferry Crossing.”

A major amount of construction is already underway on the south side of the Forth but work continues on the Queensferry Junction, which is now in operation, and at the new B800 bridge which will be operational by the summer.

Average speed cameras, limiting motorists to 40mph, are to be introduced on the A90 between Echline Junction and Admiralty in Fife while roadworks continue.

Another statistic released this week found traffic on the A904 through Newton had decreased since the opening of the M9 Junction 1a link.

It revealed there had been a 24 per cent reduction in cars on the road with a 68 per cent reduction in HGVs, opting for the M9 Link instead.

David Climie, project director Transport Scotland, said: “The final cost – which was cut from an estimated £1.6 billion to £1.4 billon last year – could be slashed even further due to low inflation and a lack of disputes and other delays.’’

And there’s potential for the bridge to open before the expected timeline in December 2016.