Let there be bright lights at St Peter’s

new lighting at St Peter's, Linlithgow
new lighting at St Peter's, Linlithgow

St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Linlithgow has undergone a complete lighting revamp – with a new LED system switched on last Friday.

Members of the congregation and invited guests met in the church to witness the official switch-on ceremony.

The church looked magnificent – with some of its unusual Byzantine features picked out in brilliant colour, including the eastern sunbursts, the marvellous domed rotunda and the semi-circular “Diocletian” window above the entrance doorway.

The altar was picked out in glowing colours and, behind it, a new centrepiece of a sacred cross had been back-lit and glowed softly amidst the newly illuminated interior.

Above it, the triple stained glass window shone out its message of the sacrifice of Christ and the contribution of women in the church.

The work is the design of renowned church lighting expert Anders Blair and was installed by his electrician Brian Ward.

Both men were present at the ceremony as the new, energy efficient lights, were switched on in turn, illuminating different parts of the small church, to the uplifting singing of the choir.

The congregation received another surprise when the electricians revealed they had, as a gift, lit the carved frieze above the external doorway.

The £10,000 required for the project came from a generous donation and from extensive church fundraising efforts.

The building now makes a wonderful venue for Sunday and Tuesday worship and also for many other occasions. Already this year, several weddings have been celebrated in the church and hopefully others looking for a small venue – holding up to 60 guests – will be attracted by its new, striking appearance and enhanced ambience.

Church Rector, the Rev Christine Barclay said: “This has been an amazing achievement for our little church. It is perhaps fair to say The Lord does, indeed, work in mysterious ways.

“Last Friday we unveiled a state-of-the-art lighting system that revealed the beauty of the lovely architectural features of St Peter’s in a new and very special way.

“As well as the new lighting enhancing our worship each Sunday and Tuesday, we are also exploring different ways of engaging with our community and using this lovely space for small cultural events.

“St Peter’s may be the smallest church on the high street but we take huge pride on the welcome we can give visitors.

“The Lord said ‘Let there be light’ and we have certainly done that at St Peter’s.”