Linlithgow concerns over new Edinburgh flightpath plan

Concerns have been raised in Linlithgow over a new flight path plan
Concerns have been raised in Linlithgow over a new flight path plan

A call has come for communities to work together over noise complaints under the trial flightpath at Edinburgh Airport.

Concerned residents attended the Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council meeting on Tuesday to express their wishes for local groups to pull their resources and put up a fight.

Councillor Tom Kerr was at the meeting and advised that the only way they can get change is to present evidence to the airport authority.

He said: “People were very concerned about noise levels and the frequency of flights.

“I stay a mile outside of Linlithgow and I can certainly hear the planes.

“They need to record the times and dates of flights and accumulate

“For example, if there are six flights going out between 6am and 6.30am for the red eye services to London or Amsterdam, they need to note it down and build up a case.”

Members are reaching out to other community councils in affected areas like Newton and Uphall in the hope of setting up a public meeting to address residents’ concerns.

A meeting between community councillors in affected areas and the Edinburgh Airport Authority has been arranged to take place on Wednesday, 
September 3 ,which will be attended by two members from Linlithgow.

Secretary John Kelly said: “Obviously a lot more people have been affected by this trial than originally anticipated. Our next stage is to develop a strategy for what people need to do.”